The Wig and The Scarf

These two actually went up on Ugallery before all the blog post excitement occurred. Here they are:


The Wig, oil on canvas, 14×10″. This first one is of one of my favorite local models, Laura. Here she is wearing a wig, so you can’t tell, but she usually has a fun punk look to her. I have always had a soft spot for punks, so it’s fun to paint her. Plus, she’s just a great model.

I’ve got several more paintings of Laura to post, but this is one of my favorites. I think I came closer to the simplicity of Henri than I manage to do in most of my paintings. The Wig is for sale here.


The next one is The Scarf, oil on canvas board, 16×12″. This one I started a loooong time ago (I believe I may have blogged about it at the time), and just recently completed it to post to Ugallery. I likes the colors in this one – which makes sense, as I got help with the color from my teacher Ron Lemen. The Scarf is for sale here.


About llawrence

I'm a portrait artist in the process of launching my career. I specialize in rustic and Southwestern portraits. I'm also a handcrafter of artist's pigments and colors, and I'm fascinated with anything to do with this subject. The colors I make are natural and traditional ones, made from earths, minerals and organic sources, in combination with other common materials. To drawing and painting I am now adding writing: specifically young adult fantasy (for now). I hope you'll find something here you'll like!
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