Hi all,

Here is the next painting to go up in ugallery. This is “Remembrance”, oil on canvas, 12×16″, completed in early 2013:

Remembrance, © 2013 L. Lawrence Bispo

Remembrance, © 2013 L. Lawrence Bispo

Earths, lead white and cobalt blue, which has come to be one of my favorite palettes.

I painted this in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, and as I painted I had in my mind the children who had survived that experience, and how they would carry it with them for the rest of their lives. (In fact, my working title for this piece was “Survivor”, as some readers may recall.) But now, the painting is more generally of a child in a moment of reflection. I think that children are often more thoughtful people than we tend to give them credit for, and I hope I’ve captured that here.

Also, here’s one that I included in the first batch a few weeks ago, but did not post here. “Still Life with Oranges” (pretty original title, huh?), oil on canvas board, 11×14″, completed in late 2013:

Still Life with Oranges, © 2013 L. Lawrence Bispo

Still Life with Oranges, © 2013 L. Lawrence Bispo

This one prominently features cadmium orange, PO20. Though I don’t use cadmiums often, cad orange was really the best thing for those oranges and the pumpkin. Thanks for looking – more to come! – L.


About llawrence

I'm a portrait artist in the process of launching my career. I specialize in rustic and Southwestern portraits. I'm also a handcrafter of artist's pigments and colors, and I'm fascinated with anything to do with this subject. The colors I make are natural and traditional ones, made from earths, minerals and organic sources, in combination with other common materials. To drawing and painting I am now adding writing: specifically young adult fantasy (for now). I hope you'll find something here you'll like!
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