The Wig and The Scarf

These two actually went up on Ugallery before all the blog post excitement occurred. Here they are:


The Wig, oil on canvas, 14×10″. This first one is of one of my favorite local models, Laura. Here she is wearing a wig, so you can’t tell, but she usually has a fun punk look to her. I have always had a soft spot for punks, so it’s fun to paint her. Plus, she’s just a great model.

I’ve got several more paintings of Laura to post, but this is one of my favorites. I think I came closer to the simplicity of Henri than I manage to do in most of my paintings. The Wig is for sale here.


The next one is The Scarf, oil on canvas board, 16×12″. This one I started a loooong time ago (I believe I may have blogged about it at the time), and just recently completed it to post to Ugallery. I likes the colors in this one – which makes sense, as I got help with the color from my teacher Ron Lemen. The Scarf is for sale here.

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Ugallery blog post

Fun news: one of my paintings, Destiny 2, has been featured in a “Piece of the Week” blog post over at Ugallery! Here is the painting:


Here is the Ugallery blog post. The folks at Ugallery did a great job with the article. Awesome!

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Portrait of Robin

Here is a portrait of one of our wonderful local models, Robin Satori. 12×9, oil on canvas board:


This one uses one of my favorite palettes of earths, lead white and cobalt blue, the same that was used in the painting Remembrance. This painting recently went up on Ugallery and is available for sale here!

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Here are three works of one of our wonderful local models, Destiny. Two portrait paintings and a figure drawing, all from life, all done at ArtBeat on Main Street.


9×12. This one is available for sale at Ugallery here, and was a Ugallery Staff Pick. Thanks Ugallery!


10×14 (yeah, a weird size, but some good canvases were on clearance). This one is also available on Ugallery here.


18×14 (trimmed a bit here). Thanks for looking!

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Tanei and the Mimic, part 2

Continued from part 1:

Tanei felt her energy draining away. The feeling that she could not win against a creature who stole not only one’s face but one’s abilities, one’s very thoughts, threatened to overwhelm her. If she could not find a strength that was not also possessed by her enemy, how was she to…

Then Tanei blinked. If the sorcerer possessed her strengths while in her form, then perhaps her weaknesses were shared between them as well. Her mind cleared. The princess had told her often enough: You are too protective! You leave yourself at your enemies’ mercy whenever you fling your body in front of mine to protect me.

Tanei smirked and pivoted on her feet toward the guillotine. She cocked her arm and threw her staff with all her strength at the sorcerer’s machine.

The sorcerer’s eyes flew wide. “No!” he shouted, and threw himself at the staff. He missed, and the weapon clattered against the machinery. It did not harm anything as far as Tanei could tell – but that had not been her intent. In the moment her staff hit the guillotine, Tanei’s knees hit the sorcerer’s back. The sorcerer went down with Tanei atop him. She grabbed the head below her and slammed it into the stone floor.

She knew she had dazed the sorcerer when she caught a glimpse of a man beneath her, dressed in a gray robe. Then the illusion returned. Tanei locked her arm around the sorcerer’s throat and pulled him toward the guillotine. She heaved his body, beginning to struggle, up onto the machine. She held his wrists down one at a time and shackled them.

When he was bound, she turned to the clockwork of the wicked device and studied it. It did not take her long to find the lever that surely operated the thing. She reached for the handle and touched it thoughtfully.

“You won’t do this, of course.” The sorcerer’s voice was now a man’s voice. She turned to regard him. He had dropped his disguise entirely. “I know you won’t, because I know you – although, clearly, I might have analyzed a bit more thoroughly. But you won’t murder me, of that I am certain.”

Tanei knew his words were true – and then suddenly, with his having spoken them, they weren’t. Grasping the lever’s handle, she leaned close to the man, and his eyes widened as he realized his mistake.

“I am going to disappoint you,” she said. The great blade came sliding down. “But you knew that already.”

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Writer’s Digest writing competition

I’m participating in a writing contest given by Writer’s Digest. The contest:

Prompt: Write a short story, of 700 words or fewer, that begins with the sentence prompt on the left.

Here is the sentence prompt:

“I’m going to disappoint you. But you knew that already.”

At first I couldn’t think of a durn thing that might begin with that quote. But slowly something came to me, and I wound up having fun writing it down (although the 700-word limit was a bit rough – I got in some good practice at revising). I don’t know if this is the kind of thing they’re looking for at WD, but I figured what the heck? I’ll find out in a week or so if it’s a finalist (doubtful, with the high quality of some of their submissions). Anyhoo, here we go with part 1:

Tanei and the Mimic, part 1

“I’m going to disappoint you. But you knew that already.”

Tanei edged to her left, forcing her adversary to do the same. “You are mad, sorcerer. I know nothing of the kind.”

The other laughed. “Oh, yes, you do. I know you do, because I know everything about you. As you have by now comprehended.”

Looking at her opponent was like staring into a mirror. The sorcerer was Tanei, from her features to her fighting staff to her topknot of black hair. Even the voice was her own.

More, her enemy moved as she did, fought as she did, for all she knew thought as she did. Every attack she had attempted had been countered by motions that matched her own perfectly.

Tanei and her opponent faced off in a stone-walled room lit by lanterns set in the wall. In a corner stood a great guillotine, with shackles on either side and machinery for its operation, the likes of which Tanei had never seen. Its gears were adorned with intricate designs in bronze, depicting its function in gruesome detail.

The sorcerer, seeing her glance at it, seemed pleased with the foul machine. “Beautiful, no? Nevertheless your princess will, as I’ve promised, die on it.”

She launched herself at the sorcerer, and the two staffs clacked together, but her attack was repulsed. Again her opponent had known just what she would do and how she would move.

“You can’t win, you know. All your strengths are my strengths. It’s one of my best enchantments, if I do say so. I’m not a fighter, but no opponent has bested me for… well, quite a while.”

To be continued…

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New Artwork on Ugallery

This three-quarter length portrait painting, At Ivy Ranch, won a first-place award at the San Diego County Fair a few years back. This week I’m pleased to offer it for sale on Ugallery:

At Ivy Ranch © 2011 L. Lawrence Bispo

At Ivy Ranch © 2011 L. Lawrence Bispo

Here’s the link: At Ivy Ranch

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